Kokoroe has set itself a mission: to allow every person to be stimulated, grow and train themselves in the skills needed for tomorrow. These are soft skills, professional skills and technological skills. This online training platform will help you to adopt a learning habit by sending you a new training course every week. Each course will include a series of short videos, a quiz, a virtual certificate and a personalised monitoring service to stay up-to-date with the subject covered. This works through a Premium subscription priced at €6.50/per month.

With the support of the technology entrepreneur Xavier Niel and with assets from their fund raising, the startup was created by the twins Raphaëlle and Elise Covilette together with their childhood friend Béatrice.

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Prizes and distinctions
  • 5/15/19 : Inclusion: 4 startups are committed to meeting the challenge - Les Echos
  • 5/13/19 : Startups that boost your employees' performance - Maddyness
  • 10/10/18 : 92 Women who disrupt Tech in France - Forbes
  • 11/10/17 : 5 startups which improve people’s lives - Les Echos
  • 10/5/17 : 100 Business ideas - Capital
  • 6/1/17 : 100 Startups to invest in - Challenges
  • 10/17/16 : 300 gems of French Tech - Le Point
  • 10/6/15 : Podium, 40 Under 40 - Magazine des décideurs
  • 9/5/14 : Prize for digital talent - Syntec Numérique
  • 5/5/14 : Voted favorite project - Banque Postale