First steps

What is Kokoroe?

Kokoroe is an online learning platform designed to help you develop the skills of tomorrow. Our technology selects the best learning videos to build relevant learning courses.

How does it work?

Kokoroe includes three universes: creative, business and technology. Each universe introduces relevant learning courses. The learning videos are available for free. The subscription gives you access to the full Kokoroe experience: quizzes, summaries, educational resources (articles, podcasts, powerpoint)

What is the Kokoroe learning method?

Each training course features learning videos, available from any browser, 24h/7. With the Kokoroe subscription, you can develop new skills and access a wide range of educational resources: articles, podcasts, powerpoint presentations. You can also access summaries and test your knowledge with our quizzes.

How does your test work?

The quizzes are designed by our teaching staff, to check your progress and your level. Each quiz has ten questions. If get all the answers right, you will be awarded a badge, shareable on the social media.

Who designs the training courses?

Our training courses are designed by our teaching staff. Each training course includes relevant learning content, great resources, a summary and a test.

What about the copyrights?

Our training courses aggregate copyright free learning videos, and are available for the general public. Our videos are hosted on Youtube, our podcasts on iTunes, our PowerPoint presentations on Slideshare, our articles come from Medium. Through our curation, we put into light the talent of great experts.

How much does it cost?

The selected videos are available for free. The Kokoroe subscription gives you access to relevant educational content (great resources, summary sheets…) and access to the quizzes. Two options: a monthly subscription (€7.99/month) or an annual subscription (€6.50/month).

Do you have a monthly subscription?

The monthly subscription is €7.99/month, without any commitment. It gives you access to the full content of Kokoroe. You can access the training courses and bonuses: selected educational content, summaries, quizzes… You can unsubscribe at anytime.

Do you have an annual subscription?

The annual subscription costs €6.50/month, with a commitment of 12 months. You are automatically debited of €78.00. This subscription gives you access to the full content of Kokoroe. You can access to the training paths and the bonuses : selected pedagogical content, summary, test… You can unsubscribe a the end of your commitment period.

What kind of payment method may I use?

We accept a wide range of payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Good to know: we do not accept gift cards or prepaid card, even if they have Visa / MasterCard / American Express logos.

How much does a subscription cost?

Two options: a monthly subscription (€7.99/month) or an annual subscription (€6.50/month)

Will I be debited on a monthly or annual basis?

As you like! You can pick our monthly subscription (€7.99/month) or our annual subscription (€6.50/month, billed once a year)

Can I get a refund?

We are here for you. If you would like a refund, drop us an email here, we will get back to you shortly.

How can I get a receipt ?

If you would like to get a receipt, go to your "My account" and select "Receipt".

My credit card has been rejected.

If despite severals trials, you credit card payment is declined, get in touch with the customer service to find a solution.

Is my subscription automatically renewed?

The subscription (annual and monthly)is automatically renewable, but without commitment. You can unsubscribe anytime

How can I end my subscription?

To end your subscription, go to the « My account » section, then click on « My Subscription ».

Is there a withdrawal time limit to unsubscribe?

No, if you wish to unsubscribe, you will automatically be unsubscribed and you won’t be charged for the upcoming month. In the meantime, you may enjoy the full experience for the duration of the period that is paid for.

Pole Emploi - How long do I have access to free training?

You have access to free training until you are struck off the job center lists

Pole Emploi - What are the free trainings?

You have free access to the courses of the category New technologies and Soft skills. If you wish to train yourself in Hard skills, you must subscribe to the Premium Subscription.