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Kokoroe has one mission: helping anyone to develop the skills needed in tomorrow’s world. Thanks to its technology, Kokoroe selects and aggregates the best of learning videos. In addition, our teaching staff has created some extras: educational ressources (podcasts, articles, powerpoint presentations…), a summary and a quiz to test your knowledge for each course.

Learn with Kokoroe

Learn with Kokoroe

Tomorrow’s skills

Creative, business and technological…Develop useful skills for tomorrow’s world.

Learn with Kokoroe

Selected trainings

Kokoroe selects the best experts and learning content to design relevant training courses.

Learn with Kokoroe

A simple subscription

With the Kokoroe subscription, enjoy an enriched experience: quizzes, educational resources, summary sheets from €7.99/month

Learn with Kokoroe

Easy access and flexibility

Learn with online training courses, available 24/7 from your phone, tablet or computer.

Learn with Kokoroe

Daily updates

Our training courses are updated on a daily basis in order to stay up to date.

Learn with Kokoroe


Our alumni community is the place where you can ask questions, share tips, and exchange feedback.

KokoFamily testimonies

Kokoroe helps me develop topical skills, it's very useful
Noemie, illustrator
Well done! It is easy and efficient. I learn online, without wasting any time.
Max, Webdesigner
The trainings are topical and allow me to leave my comfort zone
Laure, Communication
The courses help me stay at the cutting edge in my field of expertise.
Greg, photographer