Artificial Intelligence, creativity, blockchain... the world is changing around us, and our skillset is too! Kokoroe is training today for the skills of tomorrow. Our firm belief: learning has to be fun. This is why we have developed a methodology , which helps you to keep up-to-date and to train yourself regularly.

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Video Teaser (free)

The 10 to 20 sec teaser aims to stimulate your curiosity and to make you want to learn!

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Master Video

This video, about 1min 30 sec long, summarizes the main information of the training. Ideal to get the first ideas of the training!

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A "True: False" question is asked after the Master video in order to engage and make you active in your learning!

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Expert Video

This 10 to 20 minute video explores in depth the theme of the training. Chapitrated, it allows you to go directly to the parts that interest you!

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Knowledge test

This 10 questions quiz allows you to make sure that you have understood the main information of the training.

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Certificate of Success

If you reach the score of 8/10, you get a certificate of achievement

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Educational resources

Educational resources (podcast, power point, articles, bibliography links), allow you to contextualize the training in a more macro universe.

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