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80% of current jobs will have disappeared by 2030. In the light of an unprecedented shift in skills digitalisation we can see that the main challenges are not from technology but from the human capacity to adapt. This is why Kokoroe has set itself a mission: to allow every worker to train in the skills needed for tomorrow.

Who are we?

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A poster child for EdTech, Kokoroe is supported by French investors such as Xavier Niel (Free), Daniel Marhely (Deezer) and Julien Codorniou (Facebook). The startup was nurtured in the Accelerator at Microsoft Ventures and at Willa. Kokoroe today works with groups from various sectors such as SNCF, Orange, Club Med.

An innovative approach to training

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A Netflix DNA

In contrast to traditional academic codes, Kokoroe approaches knowledge in an uninhibited way by focusing on a fun approach and an immersive UX. Objective: to create emotion and awaken the desire to learn.


Kokoroe has set out to create a fun learning experience in keeping with the times. Each Kokoroe module is less than 20 minutes long. It consists of short, gradual videos, Fun quizzes to check understanding and Various educational resources!

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Skills of tomorrow’s world

To allow the learner to stay up-to-date and to understand the world around them which is evolving ever faster, Kokoroe updates its catalog every week by launching a new training subject. Kokoroe focuses on 3 universes : soft skills, business skills, and new technologies.

Our customers testify

Maxime Dunegre,
Learning projects manager - Orange

"Kokoroe's fun and offbeat tone is very appealing to Orange employees."

In September 2018, The Kokoroe platform was open to Orange France employees. The launch was very successful and we get great feedbacks ! The tone, the use of one-minute videos with references from film culture, the modern editorial line appeal to a wide audience... In December 2018, the project... More...

Orange x Kokoroe : Looking back on a success story

Rachel Lesage,
Chief Operations & Promotion/Digital Factory - Air France

"Kokoroe is a key player in the creation of fun and innovative educational content."

We called upon Kokoroe for their expertise in creating educational... More...
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They have embraced Kokoroe

Human resources Directors, Training Managers, Innovation Directors... many of them have adopted Kokoroe for their teams. Kokoroe has introduced a learning experience in keeping with the times, and is updating traditional codes.

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Prizes and distinctions
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  • 5/13/19 : Startups that boost your employees' performance - Maddyness
  • 10/10/18 : 92 Women who disrupt Tech in France - Forbes
  • 11/10/17 : 5 startups which improve people’s lives - Les Echos
  • 10/5/17 : 100 Business ideas - Capital
  • 6/1/17 : 100 Startups to invest in - Challenges
  • 10/17/16 : 300 gems of French Tech - Le Point
  • 10/6/15 : Podium, 40 Under 40 - Magazine des décideurs
  • 9/5/14 : Prize for digital talent - Syntec Numérique
  • 5/5/14 : Voted favorite project - Banque Postale
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